Water-Backflow Testing

Customer Instructions

Required Action

1.   Select a Contractor from the approved list provided in this letter. 
2.   Provide the Contractor with your CID (top of the letter) and Backflow Device Pin Number (attached device list). 
3.   Contractor to complete testing and results to be returned to the Widefield Water and Sanitation District by no later than 30 days of the inspection. 

Contractor Instructions

Are you a registered Contractor User with Contractor Portal? (If yes, please move to Complete Backflow Inspections)

There are three ways to register

1. Contractor User registers themselves

  • Go to http://widefield.nexgencontractor.com/
  • Click on New Employee
  • Look for your Company Name (note: if company does not exist. See Register New Company)
  • Enter all mandatory fields
  • Submit mandatory documents.
  • Wait for Approval. You will be notified via email.

2.  Contractor Company registers contractor user

  • Contractor Company Admin goes to http://widefield.nexgencontractor.com/
  • Navigate to Manage Company > Company Users
  • Click on Add Employee
  • Enter all mandatory fields
  • Submit mandatory documents
  • Wait for Approval. You will be notified via email.

3.    Nexgen registers contractor user

  • Contractor User can contact the Nexgen Administrator to have them add you as a user.


4.  Register New Company

  • Select New Company
  • Enter required fields
  • Upload documents
  • Click Register
  • Stop and Wait for Approval. Company Admin will get notified via email upon approval.

Complete Backflow Inspections

  • Navigate to Inspection > Enter Annual Test Report
  • Enter the Customer ID and Backflow Device Pin provided by the Customer (Located in Customer Letter)
  • Enter all mandatory data and select the Assembly Status (PASSED/FAILED)
  • Click Save (If submitting the test results at a later time, then navigate to Inspection > Saved Annual Tests)
  • Upload attachments (if any) to the inspection form and then click Submit