Safe Water Widefield


10 key facts about Safe Drinking Water in Widefield

1. The health of our community members is Widefield Water and Sanitation District’s No. 1 priority. When the safety of our drinking water was in doubt in 2016 due to PFC contamination, the District took action.

2. Widefield’s drinking water EXCEEDS all health standards set by federal and state health officials.

3. Widefield Water provides clean, healthy and safe water. No PFC contaminated water goes to our homes and schools in our community.

4. Widefield’s team of licensed and certified engineers and professionals designed and tested the Southmoor Water Treatment Plant, which effectively removes PFC contaminants.

5. Widefield took this action almost immediately when it learned about the PFC contamination —and the health warnings from federal and state health officials.

6. Widefield combines its treated well water with the District’s full allocation of Fountain Valley Authority water from Pueblo Reservoir to meet our community’s drinking water needs. Fountain Valley Authority water is PFC free.

7. Widefield is working on another treatment facility for its larger wells so that by 2019 additional well water resources will be treated to remove PFCs.

8. Widefield's drinking water is safe for our children and families—and our pets and animals.

9. Widefield’s Board of Directors authorized the district to pay for the design and construction of treatment facilities from cash reserves and did not put the cost into rates. The operational cost of the treatment facilities is now in rates, but that increase is not significant since operating costs are much lower than construction costs.

10. Widefield Water and Sanitation is available to discuss any concerns about our drinking water and the District. Please contact the District at 719-390-7111 if you ever have any questions or concerns.