Water System Information

waterous.jpg  We at Widefield Water and Sanitation District are a small team of committed professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality of water to our community. 

 The Water Department operates 17 groundwater wells. We also receive 1,440 Acre Feet (469,225,440 Gallons) of water from Fountain Valley Authority's Water Treatment Plant annually. This water is pumped from Pueblo Reservoir to the treatment plant which is located just south of The City of Fountain. We maintain 60 miles of distribution mains varying in size from 2 inches in diameter to 36 inches in diameter. WWSD owns and operates 6 treated water storage tanks with a combined capacity of 8.8 million gallons, 3 booster pump stations, and 20 buildings throughout the District. Our water quality meets all of the Colorado Health Department and EPA Drinking Water Regulations. We take samples at more than 20 different locations each month for bacteriological and chlorine analysis. 

 If you have any questions or would like a tour of the Water System, call John Paxton, Water Department Supervisor at 719-955-0548 or the Water On-Call Operator at 719-392-5534.