Sewer Backup Information

If you have a sewer backup emergency, please call 719-392-8848.

What is a sewer back up?   A backup occurs when sewage overflows from your tub, toilet, sink or any drain in your home.  Backups are more common in older homes and homes with basements.

What causes a sewer back up?

Separated Joints : Underground pipes are not solid and they can become disconnected at the joint. 

Clogged Pipes : Clogs can be made of many different materials and waste that should not be put into the system.

Root Damage : Older established trees can cause root damage in the pipes.

Cracks in the Pipe : Ground movement along with roots, clogs, temperature and poor installation can cause cracks in your pipes that can lead to sewer backups.

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The District is not responsible for the property’s service line. 

Things that should never be flushed into the system:

  • Diapers / Hygiene Products
  • Fat, Oil, and Grease
  • Facial Tissue / Paper Towels
  • Wet Wipes
  • Toys or Other Foreign Objects

Please check with your homeowners insurance as they may offer coverage for sewer and drain backups.

If you have a sewer backup:

  1. Try to close as many drains as you can.
  2. Do not run any water or other product in the drain or toilet until the clogs are cleared.
  3. Check with your neighbors to see if anyone else is experiencing the same issue.  This could indicate that there may be a problem in the main line.
  4. Call a plumber to assist you.
  5. Call the District (719-392-8848) to report the problem.  We can recommend action and check the main line for issues.
  6. Call your homeowners’ insurance company to determine what coverage you have available.