Owner Tenant Policy

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Rental Property Billing Notice

The District will work directly with our customer, the property owner, and no longer bill a property owner’s tenant. The billing change was made in response to uncollected tenant payments being charged back to the property owner responsible for the utility services provided. Property owners will now be able to control utility payments at their property and not rely on the District to provide this service.

Effective January 1, 2012, as tenants move out, or have water service terminated due to non-payment, accounts will be established exclusively in the homeowner’s name. Homeowner’s can also request their property’s account be established in their name at any time. As an alternative, homeowner’s may designate a licensed property management company to receive the utility bill.

Should you have any questions concerning this change, please contact Linda Chalou, Customer Service Supervisor at (719) 390-7111 or the Director of Administrative Services at (719) 955-7122.

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Widefield Water and Sanitation District

1.10.4 Joint Liability. The District shall have the right to assess to any Customer or property owner who is delinquent in payment of his or her account all legal, court, administrative and other costs necessary to or incidental to the collection of said account, and said costs of collection shall be secured by the perpetual lien referenced above.  The property owner, Customer, and occupant(s) of all properties receiving water or wastewater service are hereby deemed equally liable for charges and/or fees associated with the provision of water service by the District. The District assumes no responsibility for any agreements between landlords and tenants, or any other types of agreements regardless of how made, or whether the District is or is not notified of such agreements. The Customer, occupant, and property owner jointly and severally will be held liable for all charges pertinent to water or wastewater service at the address where the bills are sent and the District shall be free to pursue collection against any one or all Persons who may be liable for payment hereunder  . Any check or other negotiable instrument tendered to the District for payment of rates, fees, charges or penalties which is returned to the District and dishonored for any reason whatsoever shall be subject to a returned check fee.