Account History, Webshare

The District, in conjunction with our billing partner, Data West – Bill Master, is now providing internet access, Webshare , for account information.  District customers have access to on-line and mobile options.

Register the account using your Billing ID located on your monthly statement. This allows you to access and manage account information.  The benefits of registering your account include;

  • View Account Balance and Billing Statements
  • Meter Read History
  • Manage Account Information
  • Sign up for Paperless Billing
  • Make a Payment
  • Pay Multiple Accounts

Guest access to the account allows a payment to be made using your utility account number located on the monthly statement.

Payment Partner

National Cash Register (NCR) is the District’s payment partner.  Payment transactions are integrated with our billing software.  Payments can be made by using a credit/debit card, check, or by telephone (an integrated voice recognition system). 

Credit / Debit Cards  - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover
Check Payments 
Telephone  -1-888-915-8114 a 24 hour toll free number

For your account security, District staff will no longer accept any credit card information from customers.  Allowing customers to work directly with the payment provider reduces security risks.

Property Management

The District works directly with our customer, the property owner (account holder).  As an alternative, the property owner may designate a licensed property management company to serve as the account holder.  Accounts are only established in the property owner’s name, or the licensed property management company they’ve designated.

Invoices are mailed monthly to the account holder.  For account holders registered in Webshare, the invoice can be delivered electronically.  

Multiple Accounts

When a single name is used for multiple accounts (property managers, schools, hoa, commercial accts, metro accts, etc.)  AND  is registered for Webshare, payment of multiple accounts is available.  A separate transaction record is made for each payment. 

Contact the District if you would like to learn more about this option.