Industrial Pre-Treatment Program

Widefield Water and Sanitation District’s Industrial Pretreatment Program


 What Is Pretreatment?:


The term "Pretreatment" refers to the treatment of wastewater an industrial discharger must conduct before discharging to the sanitary sewer.


Pretreatment Background:


In 1972, the United States Congress passed the "Water Pollution Control Act" to "restore and maintain" the quality of our nation's water. The Water Pollution Control Act was amended in 1977 and renamed the "Clean Water Act." Amendments to the Clean Water Act included requirements limiting the types and concentrations of pollutants that industries are allowed to discharge into sanitary sewers.


1978 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established the "General Pretreatment Program Regulations." These regulations and amendments require States and local wastewater districts to enforce national pretreatment regulations.


Widefield Water and Sanitation District Industrial Pretreatment Program:


The control of discharges of FOG into the Wastewater Treatment System is part of a larger program to regulate discharges of non-domestic wastes, referred to as the "pretreatment program." The District's pretreatment program is part of a national program required by the federal Clean Water Act and developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the State of Colorado (State) via the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). The pretreatment program intends to ensure that all pollutants discharged to a sanitary sewer system are treated properly before environmental release. Certain pollutants can "pass through" a treatment plant without being treated, and other pollutants, such as FOG, can interfere with treatment processes or the collection portion of the Wastewater System. Thus, dischargers may be required to "pre-treat" certain non-domestic wastewater before they enter the Wastewater Treatment System. 


The State requires implementation of the national pretreatment program through a discharge permit issued to Widefield Water and Sanitation District for discharges from its Wastewater Treatment System. The State can also enforce against Widefield Water and Sanitation District and non-domestic users for non-compliance with the national and local pretreatment program. Finally, Widefield Water and Sanitation District administers all aspects of the pretreatment program at the local level.




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