Customer Service

WebShare: Make Payments, View Statements, Sign up for Paperless Billing, Review Usage History and much more .


Bill Payment Options

Payment Due Dates are the 5th, West Cycle, or the 20th, East Cycle (Fountain Mesa Road is the dividing line)

Payment Type

Go to the District’s webshare link on the left menu bar.  Select Webshare and register to review account statements, meter read history, manage account information, sign up for paperless billing, or make a payment. To just make a payment, select Webshare. Once at the Webshare page, select Guest Payment.

When the Make Payment / Guest Payment button is selected, you will be transferred to the secure site of Jetpay Payment Services/Collectors Solutions, Inc (CSI).  Payment can be made with a credit/debit card, or by check. A transaction fee is applied and shown before you “final” the payment.  An e-mail receipt can be requested.

TELEPHONE PAYMENT Call 888-915-8114 and utilize the secure IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) site of Jetpay Payment Services/Collectors Solutions to make a payment.  A transaction fee will be applied.
MAIL Send a check or money order in the enclosed envelope with the bottom portion of your bill. Do not send cash.
IN PERSON We accept cash, check, or money order for payment.  A credit card payment may be made using the telephone at the Customer Service counter.  A processing fee is applied to credit card payments.
DROP BOX A Drop Box is located at the District’s office, 8495 Fontaine Blvd.  No stamp is necessary. Payments are removed from the Drop Box three times a day.  Do not place cash payments in the Drop Box.
ACH Pay the bill from your bank account by automatic withdrawal.  The enrollment form is available on our webpage, or by contacting the District office.  Payment is withdrawn on the Bill Due Date (the 5th West Cycle or 20th East Cycle).
BANK BILL PAY Use the Bill Pay service (if available) of your financial institution.  A check will be mailed to the District. Please allow 7-10 days for mailing and processing to avoid a Late Fee.